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New World

Dominion SO


Dominion SO and Dominion SF are our companies for New World.
Taking the philosophy from our highly popular ESO guilds, we aim to blend a laid-back social environment with a keen competitive edge including PvP and PvE with regular engaging events.
Our officers have years of experience in MMO's and combined with our passion to be the very best we hope to bring our players a unique community where they can feel at home.

We welcome members from all around the world who enjoy New World with other like minded adventurers. We don't have an age restriction but many of the members here will often talk and write using adult themes so we welcome mature individuals.

We focus on community, territory control, crafting, siege rushing, drinking games, dungeon runs, fishing and much more.
We have a variety of roles to suit various play styles, there has never been a better time to join DSO.


New World Launch

Drunken Fridays




Date & time:

28/09/21 08:00 CEST

Every Friday(ish)