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Elite Dangerous

Join our growing Elite Dangerous community today, we welcome new and veteran players alike.

We play in both open play and a private group.

We are interested in all play types ED has to offer, including PvE, PvP, community events, mining / trading and exploring, and we can't wait for Oddessey to drop so we can finally get our space legs! Simply find our guild in game and come and join us on Discord by selecting the "Pilot" role in the Welcome channel, or contact Priest directly.

Join our Discord community and stay up to date with Galactic news in our Galnet channel.

We hold regular events that brings our community together with a variety of different activities. Make sure to check our events calendar for all upcoming events!

Join in with our social community in our Station Lounge where you will find other like minded commanders. We also have sections for useful tools and guides that will help all players.

Fly safe, Commanders

Dominion Special Operations (DSO1)



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