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Elderscrolls Online



Dominon Constellation & Dominion Polaris are our: Elder Scrolls Online MMO guilds. Dominion Constellation is where we started our journey and to this day remains one of the largest and most active guilds on the EU server.

We hold many different types of weekly events, these include normal trials which are available to just about any member and veteran trials for those with a bit more knowledge who wish to test their build.
We also do weekly PvE and PvP events including tipsy skyshard hunts on Wednesdays and Drunken Fridays, which is a social event for all members to kick back with a drink and friends to chill out at the end of the week.

Be sure to join our Discord where you can connect with all of our ESO members. There we have screenshots, all events information and tavern talk where everyone is invited to hang out and talk all things ESO.

Check below or our events calendar section for all upcoming ESO and clan related events.

If you wish to join The Dominion Constellation, you can go in game and find us through guild search or join our Discord today and contact @Kathulhuu directly or head to the forums


Tipsy Skyshard & World Boss Hunt

Trial (normal)

AD Cyrodiil runs/Battle Ground

Day & time:

Wednesdays @20:45 CEST

Saturdays @18:00 CEST

Sundays @15:00 CEST



@Fool of a Tank, Brob