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Dominion SO

Join our DSO Diablo community today! We are a small but dedicated group of players who enjoy seasonal and non seasonal content while we wait for Diablo IV.

Our ARPG Exemplar and Council member, Grushnog has years of ARPG experience behind him. He continually updates our members on changes to the game, seasonal information as well as glimpses into development with Diablo IV.
Grushnog also runs other ARPG's within the clan, for example Path of Exile. If you want more information, just send him a private message.

To join us, simply find the Dominion SO (DSO) clan in game and then head over to our Discord and choose the "Diablo" role in the Welcome channel, or contact Grushnog Directly.

Remember to face off against the forces of hell with good company. Always run with the pack!