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Code of conduct

We ask that all members are courteous and considerate of their fellow members.
We have a zero tolerance policy for anyone who uses language designed to cause harm or personal offence to any other member. This can include but is not limited to; homophobia, racism, sexism, abuse, unwanted sexual advances etc.

The CoC applies in all of our game chats and our various social media platforms. We do not have any objection with profanity, however we ask that members don't push the boundaries of that so it becomes antisocial. This is a mature guild and members engage in conversation about mature themes.

If this bothers you then perhaps, and sadly, Dominion SO is not the right place for you.

We do understand that tensions can flare in the heat of the moment and any reported instance of individuals in breach of the Code of Conduct will be investigated individually and action taken if and as required.

Many members welcome advice and help with their chosen games, classes and builds however we do not tolerate elitist behaviour in any form. Members who feel the need to berate others for their choices and playstyle may have their clan privileges to communicate with other members revoked for a period of time or outright removed from the clan without notice.

We don't tolerate any form of cheating, whether it's 3rd party programs or exploits. Any of our players, regardless of rank or role in the clan will be removed immediately without warning and banned.

If you are unsure about any of the rules, then please contact @Taalus through our Discord.

Code of Conduct