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Welcome to Dominion SO

The Dominion Special Operations (DSO) Clan was founded in May 2018 by @Taalus and @Kathulhu as a guild within The Elder Scrolls Online MMO.
Soon after, we met other like minded people who helped us grow as a community and lay the foundations for many of the events we enjoy today.
Over time we expanded into a multigaming clan with hundreds of members from around the world on a variety of platforms.

With @Priest Touch, @Eve and @Grushnog, our most recent admins having joined our family, we pride ourselves on being one of the most engaging and diverse clans around.

Join us today on our Discord to chat, group and share your experiences with other like minded gamers!


We welcome anyone who wants to join our friendly and mature community. It's a perfect place for casual and new players as well as seasoned veterans to make their online home and some friends along the way.

We are primarily an English speaking clan, but welcome people from many different countries. There is no focus on the performance of our members as there are people to accomodate every play style, and all we want is for everyone to enjoy their gaming time with us.

Whether you enjoy a more hardcore and serious approach or simply to enjoy a nice casual game after a hard day at work or studying, we have members of all caliber.

We have a great team of knowledgable moderators and officers who help maintain our Discord and social media as well as providing exciting events for our members.

We also have our Exemplars, these are our high level admins who ensure that our communities are always kept up to date, well looked after and that our games are fair.

And now we would like to introduce apexsnowbear into the DSO family. He is a professional streamer who creates daily content.

We are always expanding and hope you will come and join us!

"Always run with the pack"